Full Contour Zirconia

High Translucency Full Contour Zirconia Restorations

Infinity Digilab’s technical capabilities ensure that these products are milled to precision to provide you with excellent fitting restoration for fast seating times. The combination of automation and use of a low cost, yet high quality material allows us to offer you the best restorations for your patients while saving you time and money.

Why choose Zirconia?



Infinity Digilab FZ

Infinity Digilab offers zirconia materials from Ivoclar Vivadent US, including ZirCAD MT, ZirCAD MT Multi, ZirCAD MO, and ZirCAD LT. ZirCAD MT and MT Multi create highly esthetic, full-contour restorations which provide optimal levels of strength, fracture toughness, and translucency, especially in comparison to other HT zirconias on the market. ​Alternatively, ZirCAD LT and MO zirconias provide less translucency, but are the best choice when strength is of the greatest importance, as they are high-strength 3Y-TZP materials that demonstrate excellent strength and mechanical properties with a low risk of temperature degradation. ​