Cast Gold Restorations

Time tested strength and durability

Providing long-term reliability and proven biocompatibility, cast gold restorations are an excellent choice for posterior restorations. Infinity DigiLab’s skilled technicians will provide you with restorations that meet your patient’s needs and your highest standards. Your patience will enjoy a beautiful, durable restoration. You will enjoy the competitive prices that increase your profitability.

Why choose a Cast Gold Restoration?

Although commonly used for out-of-sight molars where esthetics are less of a concern, cast gold is also a great material for inlays and onlays. Infinity Digilab will scan your models and CAD design your restoration, followed by precision DLP printing of the final wax up for casting.
Gold Restoration CAD-design

Prep Recommendations

Use your preferred margin preparation. Minimum space requirements are .8mm axel wall reduction with 1.3mm for occlusal anatomy.
Contains less than 1%: Zn, In
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